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• Pregnancy Testing
• Lab Work
• Required Medications
• Private Counseling
• Gas Analgesia (nitrous oxide gas)
• Post Abortion Examination - 4 weeks later
• Ultrasound
• 24 Hour On-Call Physician and Nurse
• Fee Covers RHOgam for RH Negative Patients
• Covers Any Additional Charges for Height and Weight

Post op Exam Pelvic exam within 3 months of AB N/C
Post op with Pap (within 2 months of AB) Pap smear, 2 months OCP samples and Rx for 1 year 35.00
Annual Exam

Pap smear, breast exam, GC/Chlamydia testing, 3 months OCP samples Rx for 1 year

Pap smear necessary for and BCM (depo)

Existing Patient
New Patient
Depo Provera Injection Birth control shot given every 3 months (must have pap on file) 1st inj during first 5 days of period only or day of AB 35.00
Depo Provera with Annual Return pt getting Depo and Annual Exam at same time 110.00
• • Infection Check Pt complains of ?vaginal infection? UTI
(price depends on need for lab work)
25.00 to 50.00
STD package Testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trich, HIV, and Syphilis 70.00
Annual with complete STD testing Annual Exam plus HIV and Syphilis 110.00
HIV test only Blood Draw for HIV testing 30.00
Emergency Contraception Provided with EC medication and preg test 30.00
Tx of Genital Warts In office treatment of genital wart 50.00 first
25.00 add
Office Visit See Lori 25.00
IUD removal IUD removal 50.00

All fees are due in full at the time of services. No Checks or Money Orders Accepted. We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Funding may be available through the National Abortion Federation ("NAF") to help pay for a portion of the abortion.

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