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Abortion clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas - Little Rock Family Planning Services

Patients with Special Needs up to 21 weeks

Little Rock Family Planning Services offers special needs abortion care.We work closely with physicians, genetics counselors, social workers, and social service agencies in the community, including the University of Arkansas Medical School, who have patients with special needs.

Abnormalities / Fetal Indication up to 21 weeks

Our clinic is uniquely qualified to manage genetics and fetal abnormality cases. Often, these women have a desired and planned pregnancy. However, thru various laboratory and ultrasound testing, a severe abnormality in the fetus is discovered or the woman is found to have a medical condition that makes the pregnancy unusually hazardous.


Our on site, state of the art, ultrasound allows for excellent technical support throughout the abortion procedure.


We allow partners to comfort patients while in the recovery and lounge areas throughout this difficult time.


Our fees for genetic abnormality and maternal medical indications are determined on a case-by-case basis.

This website www.aheartbreakingchoice.com has been helpful to some of our patients considering a pregnancy termination due to an abnormality of the fetus.


Women under age 18 must comply with Arkansas Act 270 of 1989, otherwise known as the parental consent law. There is also a 48 Hour Waiting Period that requires (2) visits to our center.

We encourage all young women who are faced with pregnancy to discuss their thoughts and feelings with their parents. However, we also understand there are valid reasons a young woman might not find this possible.

Minors seeking an abortion have an option to petition before a probate judge to be given permission for an abortion without parental consent. This process is not complicated.

We assist minors who choose this option, providing detailed information and instructions to make this process as easy as possible.

Call us for more detailed information.