4 Office Park Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

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800.272.2183 toll-free

Abortion clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas - Little Rock Family Planning Services

Our Clinic

Our clinic building is designed to provide comfort, security, privacy and convenience for our patients and family members.

Since 1973, Little Rock Family Planning has been the clinic of choice for women, providing the highest possible standard of care. In March 1997, we moved into our new clinic, the only Arkansas facility specifically designed and built for your specialized health care needs.

  • We are located in West Little Rock on a quiet, private street within easy access of all major highways.
  • Also, our Clinic is located within walking distance of several hotels. Should your visit require a two-day procedure, you will be required to stay within one hour of the clinic site.
  • Click here for a list of nearby hotels
  • We provide ample free parking in our main entrance area.
  • Metal detectors and closed circuit cameras at our main entrance are among the multiple security features to help insure the safety of our patients. Our waiting area is inviting, warm and soothing. We maintain an atmosphere that will enhance safety and relaxation.
  • Our CLIA certified laboratory includes the latest in equipment for accurate and immediate testing and results. A hemoglobin is done to check for anemia and the Rh factor is checked to determine if Rhogam is needed after the procedure.
  • The exam room is equipped with a modern ultrasound in order to determine exact length of the pregnancy.
  • Our individual counseling rooms are comfortable and tastefully decorated.
  • Our individual recovery rooms are designed for your comfort and privacy. Your recovery period is usually brief and in most cases a family member or friend may visit with you.