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Abortion clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas - Little Rock Family Planning Services

Patient Comments

Thank you for the patient comments — they help us to continually improve our services and the care we provide.

We’re always appreciative to hear from former patients and supporters of Little Rock Family Planning Services.
“Very helpful, courageous people doing a great service for the community”

“In a horrible life moment, the staff made me feel safe and loved”

“Everyone was so nice and considerate”

“I am very appreciative of the politeness and the accepting atmosphere”

“Everyone was extremely nice, non-judgmental, and the office is very clean and I didn’t feel like I was in an uncomfortable environment.”

“I am shocked at the positive, loving, wonderful employees. They were beyond helpful and they convey empathy.”

“Everyone here is very kind, understanding, and professional”

“Everyone was wonderful. They were very friendly and took their time explaining everything I needed to know”

“I love these women. They are so nice and helpful.”

“Uplifting. Encouraging. Professional. Non-Judgmental. Excellent.”


“Love all the employees and doctors. You all made my experience as good as it can be.”


“Thank you a million. You have no clue how many women you save.”


“Thank you so much for getting me through this procedure. You all are awesome.”


“I felt like I was at any general doctor’s appointment. No judgmental stares, very friendly staff.”