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Patients with Special Needs

Patient with Specials Needs at Little Rock Family Planning abortion clinic

At Little Rock Family Planning Services we work closely with physicians, genetics counselors, social workers, and social service agencies in the community. Including, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, who have patients with special needs.

The decision to terminate a planned or wanted pregnancy due to a fetal anomaly or fetal demise can be difficult and heart wrenching.

Our experienced medical and support staff are committed to guiding women and families through this process. Many Arkansas Ob/Gyn physicians and genetic counselors have entrusted their patients with fetal abnormalities to us.

You must call (501) 225-3836 for an appointment. The State of Arkansas 72 Hour Waiting Period requires (2) visits prior to an in-clinic abortion procedure.

Please note, if you are between 18 and 21 weeks since your last menstrual period you will need to plan for (3) visits to our clinic.

Abnormalities / Fetal Indication up to 21 weeks

Our clinic is uniquely qualified to manage genetics and fetal abnormality cases. Often, these women have a desired and planned pregnancy. However, thru various laboratory and ultrasound testing, a severe abnormality in the fetus is discovered. Or the woman is found to have a medical condition that makes the pregnancy unusually hazardous.


Our onsite, state-of-the art, ultrasound allows for excellent technical support throughout the abortion procedure.


Partners are allowed to comfort patients while in the recovery and lounge areas throughout this difficult time.

This website www.aheartbreakingchoice.com is useful and helpful to some of our patients considering a pregnancy termination due to an abnormality of the fetus.


Abortion Pill at Little Rock Family Planning Services in Little Rock, Arkansas

Abortion Pill

First trimester abortion in Little Rock, Arkansas at Little Rock Family Planning Services

1st Trimester

2nd Trimester

Special Needs for abortion care at Little Rock Family Planning Services in Little Rock, AR

Special Needs

Why Choose LRFPS


Abortion is legal (allowed) in the State of Arkansas. Patients must receive state-directed counseling and wait 72 hours before having an abortion.

Experienced abortion doctors at Little Rock Family Planning Services in Little Rock, AR


In addition, we have a team of very experienced physicians that are all medical doctors, and licensed by the state of Arkansas. Willie Parker, MD, our Medical Director has been providing abortion care for years.

Legal - abortion is legal in Arkansas. LRFPS offers abortion care.


Little Rock Family Planning Services is a modern, free standing, out-patient surgical center. We provide abortion care to a wide geographical area including, Texas and Louisiana. Currently, we are the only licensed abortion clinic in the state of Arkansas.

Excellence in abortion services and care at LRFPS


Medical excellence, confidentiality and state-of-the-art women’s health care provided in a SAFE setting with a compassionate and non-judgmental staff. We meet and exceed Clinical Policy Guidelines established by the National Abortion Federation.

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Patient Comments

“Uplifting. Encouraging. Professional. Non-Judgmental. Excellent.”

“Thank you so much for getting me through this procedure. You all are awesome.”

“Very helpful, courageous people doing a great service for the community”

“I am very appreciative of the politeness and the accepting atmosphere”

“Love all the employees and doctors. You all made my experience as good as it can be.”